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When it comes to SEO Vancouver, you should consider your whole online strategy. There are a lot of specific signals that Google uses to specify where you rank. From your website speed, backlinks, domain ratings, authority & reviews, to buzz and conversation about your site or products. To make it even more difficult they change constantly. We have an entire division dedicated to R&D, build hundreds of test websites and pioneer the latest techniques every day and month. Nobody does what we do or invests the research dollars that we do. Let our all in-house Vancouver based SEO engineers work day in and day out as your dedicated SEO team to DESTROY your competition

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SEO Case Study

10000% Traffic Growth In 1 Year

In 12 months of work, we increased the organic search traffic to 10,000 per month.

There are a few conclusions you can draw from this growth pattern:

  • Growing organic search traffic takes a long time
  • If you quit early, you will never see the fruits of your labor


We have an experienced search engine optimization (seo) team which analyzes the website, competitors, link building strategy and industry. We find various phrases and keywords which generates most searches that are as per your business then we configure the website on-site. It is among many services of so we give, and after completing, we ensure your website rankings are regularly increasing.


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You need to know if you have a mainly local business for example "SEO Vancouver". Then be advantageous of available options which are offered by  search engine like Google to a local company that needs to succeed online.  Business owners in Vancouver BC should major in local traffic that is generated by tablets, mobile devices, and computers. For many people to locate your online business, you should have google places.


For organic SEO services where the emphasis is heavy on quality content. We need your project to be long term successful. We ensure your visitors have quality content as we rank the website, mostly after the update on google penguin. Many sites have been banned from Google due to shady tactics of SEO which are used by their SEO guy. We will change it since we are leading on the front line.

If you need a legal search engine optimization or SEO services in Vancouver  which may enable realizing your goals, you need to request an assessment from our team. After fully analyzing the website, we then contact you for discussing seo strategies that will help in ensuring your web has a high internet traffic level. All our organic seo services are approved methods by industries which will give you great search engine results. Master SEO Vancouver company treats every website like its own hence providing good results.


With advanced google technology, approving and disapproving content is very clear. As Masterseo a successful seo company in Vancouver over some years, we are certain that you won't get shortcuts to have good rankings.
You should provide high quality and helpful content to the users to have a high ranking. An average website appearing on the first google page for biggest and competitive keywords may have 2000 or more words which aren't a coincidence. Google will fetch the pages, then rank them in order of quality the end user gets and ensure non-fluff content. The content must help anyone arriving at your page legitimately.
With our professional writers, we offer content writing services which may grace you for using search engine when you make few posts. You need to do everything that you want in you on your web since everyone wants the best. You should treat your website with the same manners where when you rely on Master SEO then everything will be perfectly done.


Google also considers load time when it ranks the website. Slowly loading websites may give end users negative effects, and he/she may leave your web. It is a reason that makes us contact google Speed test Page regularly on every client’s website to confirm if everything runs faster.

Slow loading time is caused by several factors like a bar code, crowded servers, larger images, not being compatible with some internet browsers among others. If any of the issue here is available, we remove them in our fast analysis hence remedying the situation quickly. You may find it challenging to have SEO in Vancouver since many businesses offer same services, but when you choose us, you are assured to always be beyond others and have great chances to be on page one gradually and cleanly which will enable you to forever profit.


You may be first tempted hiring overseas freelancers for your website, but with time, it may bring you regrets. It is because many freelancers have short term website success in their mind, where they ensure your website is banned in the long term from search engine results. The reason for all these is because the night fly operations produce low-quality links in your site which artificially increases the search’s authority. With the more sophisticated Google with time, there are methods developed for spotting such low-quality sites which make them be almost penalized, by either banning them or removing them on google for some search terms.

When you hire an Vancouver SEO company which understands its duties, you will get the highest quality, bilingual SEO expert who will manage your online marketing strategy of the website. You won't need to depend on the non-native English speakers in managing the SEO campaign where you need to ensure quality content and writing as the main ranking factors. It will lead to negative results to the visibility of the search engine which may be difficult in ranking your website.

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Master SEO - How Our Professional SEO Services Work

Master SEO is a local SEO agency that provides the best in inbound online marketing strategy, PR, and professional SEO services that Vancouver BC has to offer. Utilizing state-of-the-art industry experience, we use our SEO know-how to place your brand center stage in local Vancouver search results. In the process, we help you acquire more leads, more sales, and fantastic local brand awareness.

Our SEO Agency Process

Master SEO in Vancouver does more than just tinker with keywords. It’s a myth that backlinks and fractionally faster website loading times alone will get you to the top spot in Google. These things do matter. However, for guaranteed results, it is necessary to take a more holistic approach to SEO.


It all Starts with In-Depth Discovery

As a local SEO company, we take great pride in getting to know all of our clients. It is also the case that the better we know you, the faster we can help you acquire better visibility online. When you decide to work with our SEO agency, we will invite you to a series of strategic meetings. In each, we will attempt to learn as much as possible about your brand, your product, and your industry. After discovery, we use gathered information to start meticulously profiling your target audience.

Google Analytics Auditing

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service made available by Google. Once set up correctly, it allows web owners to track real-time website traffic and visitor behavior. If you have never made use of Google Analytics previously, we will set this up for you. This will allow us to monitor the success of SEO strategies we implement. If you are already using Google Analytics, we will audit any data you already have, whilst ironing out any bugs and tracking issues.

Assessing Your Industry Landscape

During our discovery phase, we breakdown the core values and interests of your target audience. This allows us to start developing content marketing strategies that will grab the attention of the right people. When assessing your industry landscape, we look at what kind of content is trending right now among people who follow Vancouver BC brands like yours. This helps us to start planning our own results-driven content marketing campaigns.

Business Website SEO Auditing

Is your Vancouver business web in need of a full SEO overhaul? Google and other search engines work hard to provide Internet users with flawless web browsing experiences. To do this, search engine constantly benchmark the security and usability of websites. If Google can’t index you site or verify that it is secure, your search ranking will suffer. At Master SEO we, therefore, audit websites accordingly. If we find any technical issues, we then address these promptly.

Competitor Research and Analysis

In Vancouver BC, there are likely several businesses similar to yours competing for exposure online. At Master SEO, we analyze the most successful of these to understand what digital marketing tactics they use to engage with their (and your) audience. Our goal as we research your competition is to find a way to help you stand out as more worthy of peoples’ attention.

Industry-Specific Keyword Research and Optimization

When people go online in Vancouver, they enter specific keyword combinations into search engine to find local products, businesses, and services. At Master SEO we use insights from Google to find out what local search terms your web needs to rank for to appear higher in search engine. We then help you optimize new and existing web content accordingly.

Auditing Competitor Backlinks

Search engines like Google determine the authority of websites based on internal and external link structures. The more incoming links you have from authoritative sources like Wikipedia, the more reputable Google will consider your business. To find out what kind of links Google considers valuable in your industry, we will audit the link structures of your competitors. When we know what links your competitors use to establish their authority online, we will start researching ways for you to acquire similar links to do the same.

On-page Optimization


Execute Technical Updates

During website technical audits, several problems can come to light that can affect the discoverability of your website in search engine. On-page SEO works to address these. Getting under the hood of your website, we will fix any technical problems stemming from poor coding. Our Master SEO experts in Vancouver will then tweak each page of your web for performance. Only when we are happy that your web is in top-notch condition, will we then start putting your new SEO marketing strategy into action.

Content Marketing Topic Research

Regularly publishing high-quality content is vital when attempting to improve website search rankings. To identify what kind of content will engage your target audience, we perform in-depth, topic research relevant to your industry. We also look for trending topics that can complement keywords that your web is already attempting to rank for in search engine.

Developing a Content Publishing Calendar

53% of online businesses and marketers say that blogging is their top content marketing priority in 2020. However, for blogging and content marketing to be effective, you regularly need to publish new content. To help your Vancouver business use content marketing to your advantage, we will pair lists of popular topics with a regular posting schedule. We can also automate the publishing of new content at set times each month.

Link Building


Strategic Link Building

People who feel enthused about your Vancouver brand will often share links to your website across social media and on their own websites. Every time this happens, search engines see your business as growing in popularity. The more incoming links you have to your web, the higher you will rank in search engines. Because of this, Master SEO helps create and implement White Hat SEO link building campaigns. To acquire high-quality backlinks, we can distribute press releases that result in links from reputable local news outlets. We also work with industry influencers and guest bloggers, to publish content externally that results in incoming links from authoritative third-party sources.

Reporting, Monitoring, Improving


SEO Campaign Monitoring and Ongoing Updates

At Master SEO in Vancouver, our SEO agency team will continue to work with you long after we have set the wheels of your new SEO marketing strategy in motion.   Using tools like Google Analytics, we monitor the real-time success of every link building campaign and content marketing campaign we implement. When something doesn’t seem to be working, we look at why and start brainstorming new ways to capture more traffic. During campaign monitoring, we also check the quality of new backlinks and ensure that new content you publish is being indexed by Google.


Are you in need of the Vancouver SEO services that may lift your rankings in search engine? Then you are in the right place that gives internet marketing services, and excellent search engine optimization which ensures you get the best results for every searcher that looks for something related to your business in the area around you. The Master SEO Vancouver agency provide high-quality work which helps many companies in long term success. Effective online marketing happens to various websites that don't receive search engine traffic from the ones that receive; hence you will have an excellent winning recipe.