When it comes to marketing your business online image is everything. To stand out from your competitors, you need a uniquely designed website. Ideally, in fact, you need a custom website design which reflects your individual identity and branding in much the same way that your offline marketing materials do.


While every website can be personalized, a truly custom website is built from the ground up in mind of exactly the level of functionality you have in mind. A unique style and layout will help your business project a greater level of professionalism. In like regard, a custom website will in every case be designed around creating a superior user experience for your customers. The only question is, where do you get started creating a website which is as distinct as your business needs it to be?

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At Master SEO, we understand that many Toronto businesses simply don’t know what features they need to incorporate into their website. Because of this, prior to the design stage, we sit down and help businesses identify their specific website requirements. Do you need a custom website design which can grow with your business and be adapted to suit your future expansion plans? In like regard, what level of overall interactivity do you feel would best suit your customer base?

During the discovery stage, we will also look at every product and service which you provide to your customers. We will then help draw up a design which reflects what you do whilst also making your business easy to understand and discover in the first place courtesy of highly targeted search engine optimization.

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With a strong focus on ease of usability, we will move on after the discovery phase onto the actual planning and design of your website. From developing a completely custom layout to making sure that your website can be accessed from as broad a range of devices as possible, our designers will pay special attention to every detail.

During the design stage, our developers will also finely tune the overall search engine optimization of your website. In like manner, we’ll make sure that your site is secure, benefits from rapid page load times and is designed to funnels traffic directly to your sales and contact pages.


After developing your website to the highest possible standard, we will employ both user testing and in browser testing in order to check your site's overall functionality. If we or you find that your custom design isn’t as intuitive as it could be, we will then completely redevelop and reorganize the elements in question. In the meantime, your website will be checked for complete compatibility across different browsers and devices. Finally, we will then set up back-end webmaster tools and analytics systems so that you can easily monitor traffic and better target your future marketing efforts.


As soon as you are happy with the look, feel, and functionality of your new custom website, we will help you organize an effective post launch marketing campaign.

In most cases, our post-launch marketing will involve the establishment of a targeted social media marketing and search engine marketing strategy. However, we will also educate you in regard to how to continue such marketing efforts long after your website has gone live.

Are you ready to benefit from a custom design website? If so, you can rest assured that Master SEO will always go one step further than any other Toronto-based web marketing agency. We’re web design experts and just like you, our reputability starts and ends with our always being committed to providing you with the highest possible standard of service.