If you are serious about getting as much exposure as possible for your business, you need to start thinking about mobile website design. A staggering 50% of all Internet users now access the Internet primarily via dedicated mobile device apps and browsers. What this means for you is that if your website isn’t mobile device ready, you’re at risk of not being able to connect with up to 50% of your target audience.


One problem when it comes to website design concerns the fact that many businesses don’t really understand the difference between having a dedicated mobile website and having a responsive, mobile-ready website designed to display correctly on a mobile device anyway.

Firstly, while every business should employ responsive website design, it is important to understand that a responsive website will only ensure that an existing website displays correctly on a mobile device. What a responsive website won’t do is succeed in making most websites as easy to interact with.

In the above respect, responsive websites are ideal for blogs and certain types of landing pages. However, if you expect mobile website visitors to directly interact with your website by making purchases or by filling in contact forms, a responsive website simply isn’t the best solution. Instead, you need a mobile website which offers exactly the same level of functionality as your existing laptop or desktop accessed web interface.

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Unlike a responsive website, a dedicated mobile website allows mobile device users to interact with a website in exactly the same way that they would when accessing it from a personal computer. If you run an online store, your customers will be able to make purchases from your mobile website. In like manner, because of the better interactivity of mobile websites, businesses benefit from both better SEO rankings and sales conversions.

Because of the benefits of mobile website design, we help businesses create fully functional mobile websites which are optimized to drive sales and user engagement, no matter what kind of device a website is being displayed upon. Even better, our web design team can include your businesses branding on your mobile website in order to help you maintain the consistency of your business image and voice.


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Slightly different from a mobile website, a dedicated mobile app provides an even more intuitive way for consumers to interact with your business. As well as providing all the same levels of functionality as a mobile website, an app can also provide an offline user experience, one which can even make use of device camera and gyroscope hardware.

However, mobile apps don’t just provide consumers with a more intuitive way to interact with businesses. One added benefit regards the fact that once a mobile device user has your app, they will rarely (if ever) search out your competitors when they are next in need of the products and/or services which you specialize in.