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Are you searching for Montreal SEO services that will improve your rankings in Search Engines? MasterSEO offers a solution by offering web marketing service as well as SEO which will place your business on the top of search engine results. Master SEO will help you come up with an effective online strategy to bring search engine traffic to your website. Besides being the most inventive and a Montreal SEO service that is results driven, Master SEO consistently focuses on providing top-notch quality results to assist the business to be successful in the long haul.

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SEO Case Study

10000% Traffic Growth In 1 Year

In 12 months of work, we increased the organic search traffic to 10,000 per month.

There are a few conclusions you can draw from this growth pattern:

  • Growing organic search traffic takes a long time
  • If you quit early, you will never see the fruits of your labor


Our experienced personnel in web marketing will at the foremost make an analysis of your website, its competitors and the industry. After that, we will locate phrases and keywords that are creating the highest searches related to your line of business. We will then do the configuration of your business site on-site. We, of course, offer other various SEO Montreal services, and once this process is complete, we will consistently work to increase your rankings of the website for the search terms.


Results Driven Customized Strategy


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Track It All To Results and Regular AB Split Testing


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ROI Focused Strategies


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If your business is majorly local, you could capitalize on the multiple alternatives which Google provides local businesses a chance to be successful online. Google Place has had a development recently, and presently it is crucial for the owners of the company to take advantage of the local traffic coming from mobile phones, tablets, and computers.
It does not matter if you live in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver or any place on the planet, you will require Google places SEO if your objective is to make your business famous on the internet.


While initially, you might rely on a freelancer because of their cheap rates to create traffic for your website, but with time you will not be impressed by the results. This happens because most freelancers will focus on black hat seo techniques & offering short term success  of your business and they get this short term success by making your website be banned from search results. The cause of this situation is the fly by night activities which create poor quality links to your website to boost the authority of the site in  search engines.
With time, Google has become more sophisticated and created methods of identifying poor quality links, and they always give punishments for such seo activities. They could take them away from Google for some search keywords or phrases, or they can ban the website altogether.
The advantages of hiring professional assistance from the Montreal SEO experts are because they are best in Canada SEO at what they do and they will offer you top-notch quality, fully bilingual seo professional to manage the digital marketing strategy of your website. In an era where quality content and writing is crucial for your ranking, you should assign your project to a native English speaking professional to be in control of your search engine optimization  & social media campaign.


Masterseo has an in-depth focus on the quality of the content. Offering top-notch content to Visitors of your website is among the crucial factors in ranking your website, particularly after the latest update of the Google Penguin. They have dealt with a lot of companies that have had their sites permanently banned from Google because of fishy seo methods. Masterseo will change this situation. The level of standard has risen, and we are leading at the top. If you are searching for "SEO Montreal QC"  or a legit seo & digital marketing service which will assist reach your goals, have first to inquire an assessment by our skilled personnel and is free.

After the complete analysis of the website, they will reach you to have a discussion on the right method of helping your site get high online traffic, the correct manner. The organic seo & digital marketing services that we offer have been approved by the industry and will put on the best side of search engines. Get services from an organization which will give your website a personal touch. One such company is Masterseo.

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Another crucial factor which Google highly regards during website ranking is its load time. In case a website takes a lot of time to load the user will have a challenging experience or close the site. This factor is among the reasons why we carry out regular tests on Google page speed on the websites of our clients, to make sure that all the activities are occurring at maximum levels.
A lot of things can make the website to load slowly, for instance, the crowd servers- multiple servers share a similar server with your site, too large pictures, bad code, incompatibility with some web browsers and others. In case you have these issues; we can identify them during the first analysis and give a fast solution to this issue. Offering in Montreal is challenging because there are a lot of organizations who are competing for the same services, but when we are on your side, you will be at a good position than your competitors and have the most significant opportunities of appearing on the first page which will allow you to make endless profits.

How Master SEO Company Works

Is your Montreal business invisible online? It’s 2020, and if people can’t find your website in search engines, your brand essentially doesn’t exist. As a Montreal SEO marketing agency, we change this. In a city of (approximately) 59,633 different businesses, we help your brand shine online. Our prerogative is to help your website rank as highly as possible in relevant Montreal based searches. To achieve this we develop custom SEO strategies that are unique to each of the businesses we work with.

Our SEO Marketing Agency Step-by-Step Process

Many Montreal web marketing agencies over-promise and wildly under-deliver when it comes to SEO. However, at Master SEO, we’re different. As soon as you start working with us, we start planning and implementing marketing strategies based on hard data and real results-driven outcomes.


Client Discovery

Every business in Montreal is different. Putting our top SEO services into action, therefore, starts with an in-depth discovery period. During discovery, we familiarize ourselves with your business, industry, and branding. In a series of strategic meetings, we will then identify who your target audience is, then breakdown their shared interests and values.

Google Analytics Auditing

Using Google Analytics is a free and easy way to measure website traffic and real-time website visitor behavior. During analytics auditing, we will, therefore, ensure that Google Analytics is properly configured on your website. Later during new SEO campaigns, we will also use Google Analytics to identify how Internet users find and interact with your website.

Understanding Your Industry Landscape

In our discovery phase, we work with you to identify who your target audience is. When evaluating your industry landscape, we go further to look at what kind of content enthuses people who follow brands like yours. Using tools like Ahrefs and MOZ, we also look at what kind of content is trending across your industry. When we know what is hot and what’s not, we then start crafting results-focused content marketing campaigns that are in line with your consumers' interests.

Website SEO Audits

Is your business website compliant with current web standards? Web design flaws and under the hood technical issues can limit the ability of your website to get anywhere near the first page of Google. Before putting any SEO or content marketing strategy into action we, therefore, go over your website with a fine tooth comb. In total, we review over 200 different technical factors that can impede your websites’ discoverability in search engines. We then fix any performance issues quickly.

Local Competitor Research and Analysis

A certain level of competitiveness in business is healthy. However, if your immediate competitors are outperforming you at every turn, you need to know why. At Master SEO, we use smart tools to research businesses similar to yours. We identify what strategies they use to achieve increased online exposure. More importantly, we look at ways for you to achieve a distinct competitive edge over your competitors.

Competitive Keyword Analysis

Do you know what words and phrases real people type into search engines when searching for businesses like yours? Ranking for popular search terms specific to your industry is a vital part of contemporary SEO. At Master SEO in Montreal we, therefore, use Google to identify what keywords you should be ranking for to grab more consumers’ attention. Once we have compiled a list of keywords, we use these to optimize all your website content and media. This helps you start acquiring more organic web traffic and better visibility in search engines.

Competitive Links Audit

Search engines like Google don’t just rank websites according to how well-optimized web pages are for specific keywords. As well as keywords, search engines look at how many links from high authority sources online point to your website. The more links and the higher their authority these links, the higher your website will rank in relevant searches. To find out what kind of links you should be acquiring, we analyze the link portfolios of your competitors. This helps us identify ways to leverage similar backlinks in your favor.

On-page Optimization


Execute Technical Updates

During on-page search engine optimization, our teams at Master SEO tweak individual web pages to address several potential ranking issues. As a rule, different pages on your website should target different focus keywords. All should also be free of technical problems like poor page responsiveness and lagging load times. It is during on-page optimization that we address any technical issues that were revealed while auditing your site. At the same time, we make sure that your Montreal business website is as user-friendly as possible.

Topical Research for Content

When assessing your industry landscape, Master SEO identify trending topics that engage business target audiences. Topic research is similar. However, when conducting topic research, we identify types of content that are consistently in demand. During topic research, we also identify hot topics of interest that align with keywords your website needs to simultaneously start ranking for. This allows us to create a content marketing strategy that can capture and retain the attention of your target audience.

Content Calendar Development

Globally, businesses that blog regularly tend to have 434% more web pages indexed by search engines. At Master SEO we help your Montreal business leverage blogging to your advantage, by creating and automating the publication of new blog posts. This helps you free time, and benefit from gradually increasing exposure in search engines.

Link Building


White hat, outreach based link acquistion

As already discussed, incoming links to your website from high-authority sources can significantly improve your ranking in search engines. To help you leverage the power of link building, Master SEO create link building campaigns that acquire backlinks from as many high-quality sources as possible. We do this by releasing press releases, and by working directly with bloggers and influencers in your industry. Like when scheduling the creation of new blog content, we also implement on-going link building campaigns that work to gradually increase the reputability of your business.

On-Going SEO Campaign Monitoring and Tweaking

As the best SEO marketing agency in Montreal, Master SEO never cut and run after implementing new link building and content marketing campaigns. To make sure that you see a return on investment after working with us, we monitor the success of SEO campaigns in real-time. When content you are publishing isn’t acquiring traffic, we make sure that search engines are indexing content correctly, before looking at new ways to capture the attention of your target audience. At Master SEO, we also help you monitor the success of new SEO campaigns using tools like Google Analytics. If there is ever a problem, all you need to do is call us.

Link Building Campaigns

For better results, the campaign includes product reviews, social media influencer overdo and reporter outreach. The Toronto SEO team study and choose the best link connections for your website.


As we have earlier stated, a lot of people have selected the help of cheap freelancers or incompetent people. In the occurrence of this scenario, Google will penalize the web site, and it plummets automatically in rankings of search engines. Link remediation is a solution for such an issue. This service will root out the bad links that were embedded by the last seo. We will manually analyze all links and locate those who are destroying the reputation of your web site. Finally, we try to get rid of the bad link from the site it was embedded on. We will carry out a complete clean of your website to ensure Google sees only the beautiful things. After identifying all the bad links and have tried to take some action, we will send a notification to Google and request them to give a blind eye to these links causing negative rankings. You should use this strategy when you receive a penalty by Google. Few Montreal Seo Organizations offer this type of service, and the number of companies that can do this process successfully across the globe is wanting. We have experience in various link remediation tasks with impressive results, hence in case your site has problems courtesy of the previous firm or person who was malicious with your seo, we are will clean up the mess that they left.